Mission, Vision and Values!

January 10, 2017
Richfield Township Downtown Development Authority


The mission of the Richfield Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is to undertake public improvements that have the greatest impact in strengthening the downtown area and attracting new private investments.


Downtown Saint Helen is recognized for its welcoming small-town economic vitality and breadth of services, and its pleasant, safe, healthy, walkable, attractive, business-friendly and customer-friendly environment.


                                         ❖ Honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability

                                         ❖ Respectful collaboration with each other, and with local and regional partners

                                         ❖ Creative, responsive problem-solving and future orientation

                                         ❖ Environmental stewardship, preservation and sustainability

                                         ❖ Positive actions and investments that enhance local business health, vitality and long-term success

                                         ❖ Positive community spirit, identity, volunteerism and leadership

Approved January 10, 2017 By the Richfield Township Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors

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