DDA Bylaws


Article I – NAME
This name of the organization for which these by-laws are written shall be known as the Richfield Township Downtown Development Authority, hereinafter referred to as DDA, or Authority.

Section 1. The rules and procedures of the Richfield Township Downtown Development Authority are subordinate and subject to Public Act 197 of the Compiled Laws of Michigan of 1975, as amended, and may exercise all powers provided by said Act.
Section 2. The board shall have the power to engage and employ such manual, clerical, technical, financial and professional assistants as in its judgment may be necessary and is incidental to carry out the purposes of the authority.
Section 3. The fiscal year of the authority shall begin on January 1st of each year and end on the succeeding December 31st.

Section 1. The Board of Directors shall be composed of nine to eleven (9 to 11) members. This includes the Supervisor of Richfield Township and up to ten (10) persons appointed by the Supervisor and approved by a majority of the Richfield Township Board.
Section 2. The term of office for the members of the board of directors shall be four (4) years, with the exception of the first members appointed where the terms shall be staggered as provided by law. Initial officers shall have a term of four (4) years, two members shall have a term of one (1) year, two members shall have a term of two (2) years, and one member shall have a term of one (1) year. Membership shall only include such officers of the township as allowed by law. A member shall hold office until the member’s successor is appointed.
Section 3. Members of the DDA shall serve without compensation, but may be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses subject to the approval by the board.
Section 4. At the first regular meeting each January, the DDA Board shall select from its membership a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Chairperson- The chairperson shall preside at meetings of the board and shall do and perform such duties as may be from time to time assigned by the board. The Chairperson shall maintain direct communication with the Township Board.
Vice-Chair-The vice-chair shall perform the duties of the chairperson in the chairperson’s absence and such duties as may be from time to time assigned by the board.
Secretary-The secretary shall maintain custody of the official records, books, documents, or other papers of the authority not required to be maintained by the treasurer. The secretary shall attend meetings of the board and keep a record of its proceedings, and provide the Township Board, through the Township Clerk, a copy of the minutes. The Secretary shall perform such duties as may be from time to time assigned by the board.
Treasurer-The treasurer shall keep the financial records of the authority. All expenditure of funds of the authority shall be approved at the regularly scheduled board meetings by the majority of board members in attendance. All expense items of the DDA shall be publicized monthly. All authority checks shall be signed by the treasurer and countersigned by another board officer, except as otherwise authorized by the board. The treasurer shall perform such duties as may be from time to time assigned by the board.
Section 5. Removals, Resignations, and Vacancies.
Part A. A member may be removed by the Township Board for misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance in office upon written charges and after a public hearing.
Part B. A member may be removed by a board vote for two (2) consecutive unexcused absences.
Part C. A member may resign from the DDA Board by sending a letter of resignation to the Township Board.
Part D. Vacancies shall be filled by the Township Supervisor, with the approval of the Township Board. Successors shall serve out the unexpired term of the member being replaced.

Section 1. Meetings of the board shall be held in accordance with the provisions of the Michigan Open Meetings Act 257 of the Public Acts of Michigan, 1976, as amended. Regular meetings of the board shall be held at the Richfield Township Offices at 8:00 am on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The board may schedule an alternate regular meeting date to avoid conflicts with legal holidays.
Section 2. Special Meetings shall be held whenever called by direction of the chairperson, Director or any two (2) members of the board on Twenty-Four (24) hours notice.
Section 3. To be excused, members of the DDA board shall notify the chairperson or other officers when they intend to be absent from a meeting. Failure to make this notification prior to the meeting shall result in an unexcused absence.
Section 4. Meeting of the board shall be open to the public and a record shall be kept of all proceedings.
Section 5. A majority vote of the members of the board in attendance shall be necessary for the transaction of any and all business or passage of any resolution. A minimum of five (5) members shall constitute a quorum.
Section 6. The order of business for regular meetings shall be:
Call to Order by Chairperson or Vice-Chair Roll Call Determination of Quorum Approval of minutes of last meeting Old business New business Adjournment

Section 1. Standing committees may be formed and disbanded at the discretion of the DDA, as needs arise. The committee must have at least one (1) member of the DDA in its membership.
Section 2. The DDA may, when deemed necessary, invite persons to act as advisory members to help guide and supply information to assist in decision making.

Section 1. The Treasurer and Chairperson shall annually prepare a budget and shall submit it to the Supervisor for submission to the Township Board.
Section 2. The board shall cause an annual audit of its business to be made and the result thereof shall be submitted to the Township Board.

The board shall have the power to make, alter or amend the by-laws in whole or in part, to be effective upon approval of the Township Board. Written copies of the proposed changes shall be delivered to the board prior to submission for approval at the next regular or special meeting of the board.
Adopted July 12, 2010. Amended February 14, 2017.

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